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Vitamin E, Gamma E,  Complete spectrum of vitamin E forms

Vitamin E, Gamma E, Complete spectrum of vitamin E forms

Vitamin E has been shown to exert the following actions:

  • Helps stabilize & protect cell membranes, especially red blood cells.*
  • Helps to protect cholesterol from oxidizing to a harmful form.*
  • Helps protect against light induced cataract formation.*
  • May help relieve hot flashes & breast tenderness.*
  • Is valuable in the repair of tissues & in retarding the scarring & fibrotic processes.*
  • Helps maintain a healthy Prostate*
  • May protect against cardiotoxic effects of alcohol.*
  • Has antihistaminic properties.*
  • Helps maintain healthy LDL levels*
  • Can decrease breast soreness*
  • Helps maintain healthy heart function.*
  • Helps decrease the harmful effects of air pollution.*
  • Helps maintain healthy urinary filtration and kidney function.*
  • Helps maintain a healthy colon.*


  • Increased fragility & shortened life of red blood cells*
  • Abnormal blood viscosity*
  • Heart rhythm disorders*
  • Accelerated aging*
  • Neuromuscular impairment such as:
    • Loss of reflexes*
    • Gait disturbance*
    • Eye muscle incoordination*
    • Decreased balance*
    • Decreased vibratory sensation*
  • Breakdown of skin*
  • Predisposition to gallstones*
  • Fatty infiltration of the liver*
  • Excess lipid deposits or tumors*

DIRECTIONS:Take one softgel once or twice daily with food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Do not take doses of vitamin E beyond those in your multi vitamin mineral if you already have high blood pressure.

Otherwise dosage from 400-2000 u daily in divided doses depending upon needs.

Other Ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, medium chain triglycerides oil, purified water, sunflower oil, rosemary extract.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S.Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Vitamin E, Gamma E, Complete spectrum of vitamin E forms 60 softgels $ 22.00

Vitamin E, Gamma E, Complete spectrum of vitamin E forms 60 softgels
Element Amount %Daily Allowance% Serving Size
Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopherol)

Gamma E mixed tocopherols

Typical distribution:
Gamma tocopherol

Delta tocopherol

Alpha tocopherol

Beta tocopherol

Mixed tocotrienols/tocopherol complex

Typical distribution:
Gamma tocotrienol

Alpha tocotrienol

Delta tocotrienol

Beta tocotrienol

Alpha tocopherol

45 IU












1 softgel

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