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Resbid N - Acetyl Cysteine(NAC) is a derivative of the amino acid cysteine. Originally developed by scientists at Mead Johnson, it has been used for more than 30 years to reduce upper respiratory mucous secretions & thus to help with a variety of upper respiratory ailments. It works by cleaving certain chemical bonds found in mucous.*

NAC also provides immune support. A double blind 6 month study in the elderly showed NAC significantly reduced the frequency, severity, & duration of flu-like episodes.*

NAC supports liver detoxification pathways (phase II glucoronidation.)*

Low cysteine levels are often found in HIV patients. They have been found to be helped by NAC, which protected against mitochondrial DNA damage, which in turn decreased the replication of the virus.*

More recent studies have implicated NAC as being useful in certain brain function disorders. Adding N Acetyl Cysteine to an SSRI drug treatment program for obsessive compulsive disorder has improved the outcome in decreasing OCD symptoms. NAC is believed to decrease synaptic glutamatergic activity in the brain and since hyperactivity of glutaminergic acitivity is implicated in OCD it follows that NAC could be beneficial. The NAC dose range for this use is 600-3000 mg daily total in 2-3 divided doses. Long term use at the higher dose levels can deplete zinc and copper, so be sure to use with a good multivitamin mineral containing both of these minerals.

NAC may be used to:**

  • Decrease upper respiratory mucous production, symptoms, and flareups.*
  • Helps support lung functioning*
  • Helps support liver functioning*
  • Protect against alcohol, tobacco, auto exhaust, & other chemical toxicity.
  • Protect against the side effects of some chemotherapy agents, & radiation treatment.*
  • For a precursor to increase your body's levels of glutathione.*
  • Treat Tylenol overdoses.*

DIRECTIONS: 1 twice daily with meals. 1 three times daily with more severe problems. May be used safely in children. Those less than 60 lbs should only take 1 daily.

Other Ingredients: Methocel, Silicon Dioxide


* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S.Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Resbid 60 Capsules - 500 mg $ 14.90

Resbid 60 Capsules - 500 mg
Element Amount %Daily Allowance% Serving Size
500 mg
1 Capsule

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