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Vol. 31, 11-15-01

The Way Up From Down
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"The world manifests the results of good or evil thinking.
This is because thoughts ultimately manifest in physical form.
So, let yourselves dwell upon thoughts of love & good will.
Radiate positive, loving, kind, gentle & compassionate thoughts,
knowing such thoughts can become lights in a world of darkness.”


It has been longer than usual since the last newsletter & I apologize for this.
But the good news is the time was spent providing you with an on-line free copy of my book THE WAY UP FROM DOWN & even more specific instructions for following the path to The Way UP. Such a decision was dictated by the unusual collective circumstances in which we all find ourselves.

Life can sometimes be difficult enough, at best. Some are now experiencing extra challenges. These times may be particularly provocative for those prone to anxiety, fear, insecurity, depression, or intense stress reactions. Many are also grieving & sometimes the grief response progresses to depression.
Some are experiencing post traumatic stress syndrome ( which is an extreme & prolonged reaction to overwhelming stresses). The sooner this is addressed, the better, before it becomes a long lasting entrenched inability to adequately handle future stress.

If you or someone you know is unable to voluntarily entertain the positive thoughts I refer to above, then depression may be interfering with this capability. A non depressed person not only generally chooses to see the bright side ( because it feels better to do so) but is easily able to do so. A depressed person may find excuses to see the negative to justify the inability to perceive otherwise. Or they may habitually entertain negative perceptions & interpretations of life without using justification, even truly believing it is general reality.

Depression & stress reactions have many faces most of which are unrecognized by those experiencing them, by the general public & by the medical profession. Since millions suffer from these conditions & since they can be stress induced, the purpose of this particular newsletter is to help disseminate information on the recognition & natural non prescription approaches to positively shifting experience & perception, to releasing fear, anxiety, negativity, apathy, disinterest & achieving new hope & internal freedom.

Since most people don’t know when they are overly stressed or depressed . You can take a quick test called the Zung Self Rating Depression Scale .
There are 2 pages, 20 questions. Answer what best fits you most of the time. Take the test on the first page & see how to score & interpretate on the second page If your score is more than 50 you would feel better if you made some of the changes explained in my book.

THE WAY UP FROM DOWN explains how diet changes & natural supplements can alter your brain chemistry so that you can think & perceive positively. I want to offer it to you as a way to gain greater control over your emotions & experience of life.

You can follow the instructions for downloading THE WAY UP FROM DOWN then read or print it from your desktop. Those who have the latest Adobe Acrobat can read it directly online. Click here to go to download the book.

Don’t be alarmed when you see the Appendix is missing. I have left it out because much of that information is throughout the website & updated.

Summary of the recommendations in
The Way Up From Down
A QUALITY MULTI VITAMIN MINERAL follow the directions on the product label
PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE: 20mg - upon arising in the morning on an empty stomach at least 1/2 hour or more before eating
L-TYROSINE: 800mg - 3-4 upon arising on empty stomach
A COENZYME B COMPLEX: 2 with breakfast
VITAMIN C 1000: 1 with breakfast & dinner
TRYPTOPHAN: 500mg - 1-4 at bedtime
A SUBLINGUAL B12 / FOLIC ACID: dissolve 2 under tongue upon arising on empty stomach
A LIQUID CALCIUM MAGNESIUM PRODUCT: follow the directions on the product label
If you are taking a SSRI type, or an MAO Inhibitor type of antidepressant, omit the 5HTP. Otherwise the program can be combined with antidepressant medication & with any other medication.

Feel free to forward to anyone you feel would be interested.

Please tell me what you want to have in future newsletters.

Let us go about unselfishly scattering seeds of love, joy, peace, harmony, & healing.

Until then....
"If you were to climb the highest mountain
and look at your world ,
you would see
much more Light than darkness,
much more love than hate,
much more kindness than violence.
It is only that these negative areas
are more vocal.
They are calling for help.
They are like small children, lost & fearful.
Knowing not what else to do,
they shout and scream and strike out.
Pray for them.
Pray for all of them
and do not fear.
---Emmanuel’s Book
                     Priscilla Slagle M.D.
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