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Vol. 1, 10/15/98

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This newsletter is about achieving balance in all parts of our lives. I will often focus on our biochemical balance because when this is as it should be, it is easier to exist, to be healthy, & best of all to be happy.


If so, the we have a good collection of links. The cancer treatment section can be very beneficial. At the Ralph Moss site one can obtain a research report on all the traditional & non-traditional treatment approaches available for a given type & stage of cancer, the success rates, & where to find the treatment. It's the first place I would go if faced with the situation. Dr Burzynski is a medical genius with a new approach to treating cancer. He has success rates with some previously almost untreatable malignancies. Check out his site too.


I have been surprised by the number of young women I see who already have significant osteoporosis in their 30's & 40's. At any age osteoporosis can be difficult to manage & the drugs have problematic side effects.

The new product about which I am enthused is another isolate from good ole soy which is called Ipriflavone.

After extensive research in Europe & Japan Ipriflavone has been shown to:

  • Inhibit the development of osteoclasts-the cells which break down bone.
  • Stimulate osteoblasts-the cells which build & strengthen bone.
  • Replace lost bone mass & increase bone density
  • Decrease pain & improve mobility in those suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Promote healing & repair of broken bones.

The dosage in the research was 200mg. 3 times daily with meals.


Your adrenal glands may need feeding. These two mighty but small glands sit atop each of your kidneys. From their perch they produce hormones & other substances which profoundly affect all bodily functions. The word hormone comes from a Greek verb meaning "to set in motion" "to spur on". The biochemical processes of all cells and tissues are spurred on by hormones. I am seeing a number of people with poor adrenal reserve & erratic adrenal functioning. This translates into poor stress tolerance (feeling overwhelmed or undone by stress).

A long list of symptoms can be associated with low adrenal output. What I most commonly see is excessive fatigue & low blood pressure. Allergies are often present, as well as low basal temperatures ( so can be confused with low thyroid) Other common associated symptoms are nervousness, irritability, PMS, fears, depression, difficulty concentrating,confusion, weakness, palpitations, skin pigmentation, craving sweets, alcohol intolerance, shoulder/neck pain & spasm, & memory problems.

Adrenal depletion can be precipitated by severe or prolonged stress &/or inadequate precursors for adrenal hormone production. Chronic severe candidiasis can induce dysfunction of multiple glandular systems. We'll look at a few of the most important & understood adrenal hormones. Adrenaline (epinephrine) stimulates rapid intense response to emergencies & stresses. Some people remain in an adrenal stimulated state much of the time, which is not desirable. Nutritional precursors to its formation are the amino acids phenylalanine & tyrosine, vitamins C, B6. B12, & folic acid.

Norepinephrine has the same precursors as adrenaline. It functions as a mood- elevating, drive sustaining neurotransmitter & affects circulation, kidneys, & lungs, in particular. Sustained norepinephrine is not ravaging to the body as is sustained adrenaline.

Cortisol is the predominant stress protection, blood sugar regulating hormone, as well as having other functions. It is produced from cholesterol, Vitamins C, B3, & B5, biotin, & Vitamin A. When I see a cholesterol below 150, I look for low adrenal output.

Pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, estrogen, & testosterone are other hormones produced by your adrenals from cholesterol through this same precursor pathway. Click on the name for details on the multiple functions of the first three. There are other important adrenal hormones not discussed here at this time.

Certain herbs are also supportive of adrenal function, those being Ginseng, Gotu Kola, & Licorice Root. Often adequate precursor nutrients & a stress reduction program are useful for maintaining optimal health & well as for eliminating stress overload.


It's "An Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children & Infants".
Herbalist, and Naturopathic Physician Mary Bove N.D. gives you 320 pages of natural remedies for everything from colds to diaper rash.

You can search Amazon Books from The Way Up.


Something else that recently impressed me was research results indicating Ginko Biloba relieved sexual dysfunction side effects caused by antidepressants in 80% of those studied. Sounds great, since this is one of the main reasons people stop their antidepressant medications.


Tell me what you want to hear about so this can be useful & meaningful to you!

Priscilla Slagle M.D.

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