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Vol. 8
Mary had a little lamb, a lobster & some prunes,
A glass of milk, a piece of pie,--& then some mushrooms.
It made the naughty waiter grin to see her order so,
And when they carried Mary out her face was white as snow!


Those who have never struggled to control their weight are the lucky ones! I wonder what we would all do if we could eat with impunity---just think?? We'd probably get into a food shortage problem.
Now, coming from a basically fat family, I have had to be weight conscious. My lifetime personal, & experience with hundreds of such patients, has brought me to the three critical points for successful, once & for all weight management.
They are:
1. Clear powerful motivation.
2. An initial diet to get started & rewarded.
3. The right food FOR YOU.

No doubt that's the hardest part. So here is what I have found to be the best help. You may have heard of Neurolinguistic Programming. It is a powerful, simple new technique which trains your mind to process thoughts differently. This has been combined with methods of hypnotherapy to produce a powerful reprogramming set of Hypno-Peripheral Processing Tapes. You listen with head- phones & a different message goes in to each ear.

As a long time hypnotherapist, I have great respect for the ability of the right reprogramming tapes to effect positive & lasting change, worth years of psychotherapy. This particular item is titled "Inside/Outside: The Motivational Weight Loss Program". It is sold by Nightingale-Conant. Call 1-800-5259000 for their brochure, or to order.

They also address other self help/growth issues with this most effective technique. What a wonderful easy way to take control of your life in whatever category you wish. Just pick the area you want to improve, then do it. We don't have to be or to feel helpless victims of our circumstances. When we dare to be responsible in creating positive change, it always pays off. Some kind of change takes place all the time, so why not direct the course of your internal reactions, thoughts & expectations, in order to effect your outer as well as inner reality?


My favorite initial weight loss diet is the Sacred Heart Memorial Basic Fat Burning Soup. This is my favorite because it is easy & provides quick results. It is also healthy for intermittent or short term use, & is also cleansing. The protein content is too low for long term use. Almost everyone I have put on this diet has been highly successful. I suggest an intermittent program of 1-2 weeks on & 2 weeks off until you achieve your goal.

You can vary the vegetables in the soup to keep it interesting. I like to add broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, & mung bean sprouts to the basic recipe. Remember the more of the soup you eat, the more weight you lose, so this involves no hunger & no calorie counting, just a change in what you eat. Though the diet allows for a small amount of fruit juice, those who delete this lose weight faster.

Since no diet is completely balanced (including the one you are eating when you are not dieting), I suggest you take basic supplementation to feel even better. Take a good Multivitamin Mineral, at least 1000 mg Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, such as MAX-EPA, or Flax Seed Oil & a good multi-amino-acid product such as Aminoplex--5 with breakfast, 1-2 with dinner. You should feel quite good on the diet & using proper supplentation.


Let's try to simplify a possibly complicated subject. Some blessed people can eat any variety of foods & have no health symptoms & no weight problems. But if you have weight problems, &/or physical, cognitive, or emotional symptoms of any kind, then likely you need to avoid certain foods.

The food program you end up with at this stage would need to become more a way of life & not the transient above listed i diet you would follow to achieve your initial goals.

Aside from the obvious thyroid & other glandular problems which contribute to excess weight, the next most common contributors are food intolerances, &/or a candida (yeast) overgrowth in mucous membranes of the body. Since the symptoms associated with these conditions can be various, insidious, & referrable to any part of the body, sometimes the only way to know if this is contributing is to have adequate testing. Since the short term weight loss diet I am suggesting eliminates most of the common food allergens & all the foods aggravating to Candida, if you feel much better on this diet, that can be a message to you that you are reacting adversely to certain foods.

If you want testing, the labs I like best for candida tests are either Immunodiagnostics Lab,1-800-888-1113 or Immunosciences Lab in Beverly Hills at 310-657-1077. Other good Labs are listed in our Links section.If your Dr is what I call a Candida skeptic they can talk to the directors of the Labs or get literature from them. You can also do some of your own reading. Try the books, "Candida Related Complex" by Christine Winderlin, & take the written test in the book "The Yeast Connection", by William Crook M.D. to see if your condition is likely candida related. I am repeatedly surprised at the number of people I see who have this condition, BOTH men & women, not just women as is commonly thought. You can also follow the candida control diet to see how much it benefits you.

A number of labs do useful food sensitivity testing. I use Great Smokies lab (see in the lab links at One reason I like them is they provide a Rotation Diet the individual can follow which almost always provides weight loss &/or stabilization. I refer you also to the books on allergy in the allergy section of the Book Store at our web site. Remember, most people who suffer from Candida or Food Sensitivities have no idea this is the source of some or all of their health sypmtoms & sadly most remain undiagnosed & therefore not properly treated. By the way, these 2 conditions often exist together. Will talk more about these, in detail, in the future, but right now we are staying with weight control.

When you are not following the diet listed on the web site & if you have significant weight to lose, or if you have high cholesterol, or triglycerides, I suggest you add 3 supplements which aid in loss of fat. Link to each one to read how it will contribute to your weight loss program. See:

These are very effective & analogous to the benefits of the most newly released prescriptive diet drug, Xenical (Orlistat). The nutrients & the drug will both decrease fat, but the drug does it by a different mechanism, blocking the action of your fat splitting pancreatic enzyme, lipase. It remains to be seen whether there will be long term adverse effects from changing the enzyme function. I prefer a natural item, with no potential risks to accomplish the same end effect.

That being said our special until the next newsletter will be 20% off the purchase price of these three items. Remember we also have a volume discount of 10%. so if you qualify for both, you are up to 30%

Please let me know what you want to hear about & forward this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested. Ask me your questions on our feedback form, and---

Enjoy yourself and you will enjoy others
"Love holds no grievances"--Course In Miracles

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