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"how fortunate are you and i, whose home
is timelessness: we who have wandered down
from fragrant mountains of eternal now
to frolic in such mysteries as birth
and death a day (or maybe even less)"
-- e.e. cummings

The Way Up Newsletter
Vol. 6 3/15/99




The months fly by. Here it is time again to say hello & whatever else is now to be said. Please be sure to send questions & ideas about what Health & Healing information you are interested in on feedback bar at http:// thewayup.com.

Will continue with more about the presentations at this years Anti-Aging Conference. A certain Dr Mamdooh Ghoneum has spent the past 8 1/2 years researching a patented natural substance derived from rice bran enzymatically treated with 3 different medicinal mushrooms. It is called MGN-3 Dr Ghoneum, an immunologist, first studied this product in Japan. He has published 10 books about MGN-3 in Japanese & several thousand cancer patients are receiving this treatment in Japan. Now the Dr is doing research in the U.S.at the Department of Immunology, Drew University of Medicine & Science in Los Angeles. MGN-3 has been found to be a potent immune stimulator, completely safe & without any toxic side effects.

It affects the immune system in several ways, the most important being to increase the activity of the white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells ( NK Cells) NK cells are the border patrol of our immune system. They patrol the blood & lymph & attack foreign & cancer cells. NK cells contain small granules which act as ammunition. When a NK cell finds a cancer cell, a virus, or bacteria, or other foreigner it attaches itself to the invader & injects an explosive granule in to the cell which kills the invader within 5 minutes. The NK cell then disengages from the killed cell & continues it's patrol. A single NK cell can kill as many as 27 cancer cells before it too must die. Those with low NK cell activity are more susceptible to autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral & bacterial infections, & the development of cancer.

MGN-3 also:
1. Increases the formation of Tumor Necrosis Factors (a group of proteins which help to destroy cancer cells).
2. Increases the activity of other key immune cells, T cells (200%), B cells (250%).
3. Prevents the decrease of white blood cells caused by chemo and radiation treatment. Lessens general toxic side effects of conventional cancer treatments & improves the success rate of the treatment.
4. Improves immunocompetence for prevention of cancer in those at higher risk.
5. Improves immune competence in those with AIDS & hepatitis.
6. Lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Dr Ghoneum has said cancers of the blood such as leukemia & multiple myeloma have shown great response. He has also had good results with breast, ovarian, & prostate cancer. Intensive research is continuing primarily combining MGN-3 with more traditional treatments for cancer. Besides those with cancer, aids, hepatitis,chronic fatigue immune dysfunction & other immune disorders; those who would particularly benefit from a preventive point of view are those: smoking more than 2 packs daily, drinking 3 or more drinks daily, who constantly work with paint,other chemicals or in refineries, who have a strong family history of cancer, or who were born with immune deficiencies.

The protocol is 3 grams(12 caps) daily in 2-3 divided doses with meals for 2 weeks,then 1 gram(4 caps) daily in 2 divided doses for maintainance. When used for prevention, the dose is 1/2 gram(2 caps) daily in 2 divided doses.

Don't want to get too lopsided with only the physical body. If you aren't happy in your special relationship try reading & applying "Getting The Love You Want, A Guide for Couples" by Harville Hendrix PhD. A classic book I have recommended for years as a valuable guide to all relationships is "Handbook To Higher Consciousness" by Ken Keyes. This will change your life if you memorize & apply his steps to Higher Consciousness which are found in the middle of the book.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone you think you would like to receive this information & please take care of yourself.

"The spirit is mysterious in all living things and works through them.---- Water and fire complement each other, thunder and wind do not interfere with each other, and the forces of mountain and lake are united in their action. Thus only are change & transformation possible, and thus only can all things come to perfection." The IChing

May you realize yours.
Priscilla Slagle M.D.


Please email me with your suggestion for future newsletter topics at thewayup@dc.rr.com

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