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Category - Memory Support

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DNZ-2 Deanol is a precursor for choline. Deanol is a form of choline which is more readily available for the known brain functions of choline by passing the blood brain barrier better than choline. Adequate folic acid & manganese are then required for the conversion in the brain to acetylcholine.*

Numerous scientific studies show that DMAE may:

  • improve focus, concentration & memory*
  • Improve performance in children with learning & behavior disorders*
  • Increase physical energy*
  • Help with mild low moods*
  • Exert positive effects on motivation
  • Help with some other side effects of major tranquilizers*
  • Decrease fatigue in the day while providing sounder sleep at night*
  • Help in decreasing or stopping bed wetting*
  • Reduce lipofuscin (aging) pigment deposits in the brain & skin*

No serious adverse effects have been reported.

Overdosage can produce mild overstimulation, insomnia, dull headaches, muscle tension, & itching rash, which disappear when the dosage is decreased.*

Do not use if epileptic or prone to mania.

DNZ-2 does not suppress the appetite or induce jitteriness.*

DIRECTIONS: 1-2 upon arising in the morning on an empty stomach & again with lunch p.r.n.

1 daily in the AM for children with learning & attention problems.

*Maximal effect of usage usually will be seen at the end of 3-4 weeks of daily use. Some may see results sooner. Results with bed wetting may occur within 1 week. When results are obtained, usage must be continued.*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S.Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

DNZ-2 100 Capsules $ 36.67

DNZ-2 100 Capsules
Element Amount %Daily Allowance% Serving Size
(as p-acetamidobenzoate)
250 mg
1 Capsule

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