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Free Radical Quenchers

Free Radical Quenchers

Oxidation, like that of the browning of a cut apple left out, or a lettuce leaf - goes on in our bodies all the time. The oxidation produces free radicals which are byproducts of metabolism. Free radicals also result from alcohol, cigarettes, air pollution, strenuous exercise, stress, & normal body processes.*

Free radicals are associated with both the initiation & promotion of cancer, all types of inflammation, arthritis, circulatory disorders, Parkinson's disease & many other health problems.*

Many researchers believe free radicals are the primary factor in the aging process.*

There are substances in our food which are also available as supplements in more sufficient doses that "quench" or neutralize free radicals. These are called antioxidants. There is much reference to the antioxidant function of various supplements throughout this site.*

Free Radical Quencher combines numerous antioxidants for maximum benefit as follows:**

Seleno methionate - is a major organic form of selenium in foods & is the major storage form of selenium in your body.

Since selenium is not sold as a separate nutrient by "The Way Up", it will be detailed here. Usually the amount of selenium in a multi-vitamin mineral or in other products such as Free Radical Quencher, is sufficient & Dr. Slagle does not recommend a total daily selenium supplement intake of any more than 300 mcg. You will soon read the reason for this, because the list of known selenium deficiency symptoms is shorter than the list of symptoms caused by selenium excess. Toxicity signs can occur at 750 mcg daily, so stay well below this dose.*


  • High cholesterol*
  • Frequent infections*
  • Infertility*
  • Liver dysfunction*
  • Muscle pain*
  • Cardiomyopathy*
  • Impaired growth*
  • Pancreatic insufficiency*
  • Low thyroid function*
  • Increased susceptibility to virus & cancer*
  • Stiff hair*
  • Hair loss*
  • Abdominal pain*
  • Hives*
  • Depression*
  • Dermatitis*
  • Fatigue*
  • Garlic odor to breath*
  • Decreased immune function*
  • Irritability*
  • Kidney dysfunction*
  • Lethargy*
  • Brittle nails*
  • Nausea*
  • Yellowish skin*


These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S.Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Free Radical Quenchers 60 Capsules $ 16.75

Free Radical Quenchers 60 Capsules
Element Amount %Daily Allowance% Serving Size
Ferulic Acid
Beta Carotene
Lipoic Acid
D,L alpha tocopherol acetate
Glutathione Complex
Ascorbyl Palmitate
N,N Dimethylgycine
50 mcg
10 mg
60 mg
5 mg
15,000 IU
2 mg
100 IU
40 mg
40 mg
60 mg
50 mg
1.5 mg
10 mg

60 mg

1 Capsule

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